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Life After Brain Injury
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DONORS, Fiscal Year July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017


Cheryl Abrams

Bradley Artson

Broekman Communications

Gabrielle Chau

City of Simi Valley, Community Development Block Grant

Community Conscience

Brett Ellen

Marta Escanuelas

Miriam Feigelson

Ronald Friedental

Lisa Gluck

Mark Gordon

Lisa Harlow (in honor of Dave Lavoie)

David & Kathleen Harum (in honor of Dave Lavoie)

Robert Herdman

Nicole Johnson

Robert & Sharron Kilpatrick

Rodney Kilpatrick

Alan Leon

John Longawa & Cherie Phoenix

Tahne Lutz

Mark's Legacy Foundation

Lawrence May

Sue & Jack McCubbin

Jodi & John Pfleger

Cheryl Peretz

RR Gable Real Estate

Judith Reed

Howard Reich, in honor of Kathy Reich

Ellie Resendiz

Harold & Beverly Staples

Allen Ter-Zakarian

Zofia Yolovsky

When you make a donation,

you're investing in survivors' lives.

For a brain injury survivor, every day is a struggle. But survivors don't give up or give in; they work long and hard to become active, productive members of society again. And with your help, that is within their grasp.

Here are a few examples of your donations at work.

$15 pays for one month of website hosting (key to raising awareness about brain injury and our free services).

$25 covers the expense of sending out our newsletter each month to survivors who don't have email.

$35 is our cost to provide a survivor with one hour of individualized training or assistance around an Independent Living issue, such as learning to use public transit; obtaining benefits; finding affordable, accessible housing; pursuing employment and/or additional education.  

$100 pays all the expenses involved in presenting a one-hour community workshop and training survivors how to use the most common compensatory strategies. This includes hand-outs and notebooks.

$250 buys 1,000 brochures that we post in medical and therapists' offices to let the brain injury community know about our free services. 

$500 is what we spend on gasoline every six months providing transportation for survivors who couldn't otherwise participate in meetings and activities.

We individually train each survivor in compensatory strategies that address his specific impairments. With our method, survivors gain (or regain) skills that can be used now and in future circumstances. 

True, it takes considerable time, but our method is proven to help survivors become more resourceful, adaptive and resilient. Thus, when you donate, it's the proverbial gift that keeps on giving.