Life After Brain Injury.

         Where survivors
                   re-invent themselves.


Information and Referral

Once a brain injury survivor is back home, he or she will need to rebuild a whole new life -- and maybe even a new identity -- around the disability.

First things first: What did the hospital or inpatient rehab facility tell you? Chances are, not much. The medical model focuses on "fixing" your brain as best they can, then they set you free to fend for yourself in the community.

So where do you go? How do you get what you need? How do you even know what you need? You have to marshal all your resources, and do plenty of problem-solving. Uh-oh: Most brain injuries impair a survivor's ability to problem-solve.

We are the solution! Call us. We're your one-stop shop for an education about brain injury and connections to needed social services and agencies. We'll also train you in the use of tools, strategies and accommodations that can compensate for your compromised abilities.