Life After Brain Injury.

         Where survivors
                   re-invent themselves.


Support Groups

LABI holds at least two peer mentoring support groups a week.

The peer mentoring element is key to a survivor's progress toward greater independence. Through shared wisdom, each participant becomes stronger and more self-sufficient.

People come to support groups for different reasons:

Joe Survivor may want more of a social life; he's there to hear what has worked for other survivors.

Josie Survivor wants to learn how to catch the bus to her volunteer job; someone who already takes the bus or paratransit is happy to help.

José Survivor is looking for suggestions for
a class at the nearby college that will be interesting yet also accommodate his limitations.

Nancy Newcaregiver finds value in learning that others have already faced her challenges and are there to share strategies that will help her avoid caregiver burn-out.

And Savvy Survivor and Constance Caregiver, who have “been there, conquered that” from their years of experience and exposure,
find reward in mentoring and supporting their less-seasoned peers.

At all LABI meetings and activities, participants feel they are in a "comfort zone" because everyone has walked a mile in the same shoes (or rolled in the same wheels).